For BBA Journalism Is Not Just a Profession;
Is a Tradition

BBA represents the tradition and experience of three generations of news gathering and distribution in Turkey.

Founded in 1950 by Kadri Kayabal, the agency began by a stenciled news bulletin distributed by hand in Istanbul. His son, Bedri Kayabal expanded the agency in the 1970s making it a source of video news provider to international broadcasters from Turkey and neighboring regions. Now, Kayabal's two grandsons, Ferit and Kadri are running the company that offers production and satellite broadcast services worldwide.

BBA's camera and technical crews have worked - often under demanding conditions - in a wide variety of locations, including Afghanistan, Armenia, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Egypt, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kosovo, Lebanon, Syria, Bosnia, Pakistan, Somalia, Rwanda and Mongolia, accumulating unique experience and knowledge.

BBA has also extended its expertise to assist commercial organizations such as Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Merill Lynch, and Pfizer with their corporate productions. The agency has produced promotional videos for the Kuwait Development Fund, World Health Organization (WHO) and Camel trophy among others.

On the lighter side of the lens, BBA has provided broadcast facilities for Formula One, UEFA Champions League, Jean Michel Jarre's Millennium concerts in front of The Pyramids in Egypt and World Cup matches in Germany and South Africa.

But whatever or wherever the assignment has been, from the days of stenciled news bulletins to satellite video transmissions, BBA's aim has always been the same: Fast and reliable news services for international clients many of which the Kayabal family are now privileged to call 'friends.'